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Create a page with proper species name, use search to see if page exists already, if not there is a link on the search results page to create the new page (will be in red). You can then proceed in using this template with instructions below.


To use this template, paste


onto a page, then save. This will populate template onto page. Then begin editing. If it doesn't show up after saving, then edit it again, and click Source at the top left page editing toolbar, delete everything then paste the code above and save once again.

When you are finished, don't forget to remove the <nowiki>

at the very bottom from the incomplete category. Either delete the text then click the   in the wiki visual editor toolbar above, then find and add Incomplete Category (it's under Ant_Species; double click it to add it to top box then click save) OR click the Source button in the visual editor toolbar and remove the tag surrounding the text.