Aphaenogaster lamellidens

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Aphaenogaster lamellidens is a common woodland species found in eastern North America, from New York south and west to Texas. They form large colonies (several thousand workers) and are ground nesting in open areas, under rocks or in or under rotten wood. Workers are general predators and scavengers, feeding on a range of living and dead insects and other arthropods.



Queen Ant
  • Nuptial Flight Time :
  • Founding Type :
  • *gynous :
  • Brood Boostable :
  • Hibernation :
  • Feeding Requirements :
  • Nanitics Appear After :
  • Founding Stage Notes:



Every ant, even from same species may be temperamental to certain foods. Trial and error is best way to figure out she will eat. Compiled below is a list of likes and dislikes for this particular species.


  • Scrambled eggs
  • Mealworms
  • Apples
  • Crickets
  • Small Flies (Flightless friut flies are great, and they enjoy hunting these live)


  • Honey
  • Maple syrup



  • Difficulty :
  • Typical Colony Size :
  • Polymorphic: No
  • Ant Length :
  • Temperament :
  • Suggested Feeding Schedule :
  • Hazards: None, but all ants can bite.
  • Colony Growth Rate :
  • Egg To Worker :
  • Circadian Activity :
  • Recommended Temperature :
  • Recommended Humidity :
  • Heating Pad Required :
  • Can Climb Smooth Surfaces :
  • When To Expand :
  • When Do Soldiers and Reproductives Appear :
  • Invasive/Pest: No, Aphaenogaster are actually very important to the environment.
  • Farmers: No, they lack a social stomach and can not transport honeydew.
  • Native Location :
  • Natural Habitat: These ants live in woodlands, and are generalists when it comes to nesting.
  • Preferred Nesting Medium :
  • Scientific Information: antwiki.org



  • Great starter colony
  • Low maintenance